How to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home: Easy Decor Tips

    by Jabbar Hussain August 18, 2023 6 min read

    How to Make Your Rental Feel Like Home: Easy Decor Tips


    Here's a warm welcome to you! We are on a mission to make your rented space feel like your very own home! It's a common feeling that a rental can't really feel like a home, but we're here to change that. With some smart, budget-friendly, and fun decorating tips, we're going to help you transform your rental into a space that you love. Whether you're a decorating expert or a beginner, we're here for you. Ready to start this exciting journey of turning your rental into a warm and personal home? Let's get started!

    Understanding Your Lease

    Knowing the Limits

    First things first, before you start making any changes, you need to know what your lease allows you to do. Give your lease agreement a careful read. It's crucial to know the dos and don'ts so you can plan your decorating steps accordingly and avoid any problems in the future. Plus, you want to ensure you get your deposit back, right?

    Dialogue with the Landlord

    A helpful step can be to have an open conversation with your landlord. If there are some rules you feel are too restrictive for your decorating plans, you can explain your intentions to your landlord. Assure them that your changes will not damage the property but will enhance its look and feel. You may be surprised how much flexibility you can gain with a good conversation.

    Document Everything

    Ensure you document any extra agreements you get from your landlord. This will help avoid any confusion in the future. Additionally, it's a good practice to take some photos of the place before you begin your decorating project. These photos can serve as a reference when you're moving out and want to return the space to its original state.

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    Wall Decorations

    When it comes to transforming the look and feel of your space, wall decorations can be a real game-changer. Plus, the best thing about them is that you can change them as and when you like!

    Affordable Artworks

    Art can be a fantastic way to express your unique style without burning a hole in your pocket. Canvas prints, in particular, can be quite budget-friendly. Choose the ones that reflect your personality and blend well with the color scheme and style of your room. This way, your rental can truly feel like an extension of your persona.


    Gallery Walls

    Creating a gallery wall can give your space an instant life and personality boost. You can mix and match various art pieces, photographs, or memorable items you've collected over time. Just remember to maintain a consistent color scheme and allow enough space between each item for the best visual impact.

    Gallery art decoration

    Removable Decals

    If you're a bit hesitant about making a permanent commitment to wall art, consider using removable wall decals. They're easy to stick on the walls and equally easy to peel off when you no longer need them. This way, you can experiment with different styles without worrying about losing your deposit.

    Lighting Matters

    Lighting can significantly influence the mood of your room, create the illusion of space, and highlight your favorite décor elements.

    Letting in Natural Light

    Sunlight is your best friend when it comes to making a room feel airy, spacious, and fresh. Light-colored, semi-transparent curtains or blinds can allow maximum sunlight to pour into your room. A smart tip is to place mirrors opposite the windows to amplify the brightness and create a feeling of added space.

    Natural light and home decoration

    Artificial Lighting Options

    When the sun sets, artificial lights take over. A mix of soft ambient lights, focused task lights, and decorative accent lights can work together to create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Try different types of lamps at various heights to create a layered lighting effect.

    Artificial light and home decor

    Lighting for Fun

    Don't forget to have a bit of fun with lighting! Things like string lights draped over a mirror can create a magical effect. Colored LED strip lights around your room's perimeter can give it a cool, modern vibe. Lighting doesn't just have to be functional – it can be decorative too!

    Creating the Illusion of Space

    Rentals can sometimes feel a bit cramped, but there are several clever ways to create the illusion of more space.

    Mirrors to the Rescue

    Mirrors are fantastic tools for making a space seem bigger. A large mirror strategically placed opposite a window can add depth to your room. Or consider creating a wall of mirrors for a dramatic effect that also makes your space appear much larger.

    Mirrors home decor

    Color Choices

    Your color choices can have a significant impact on how spacious or cozy a room feels. Light hues can make a room seem more open, while darker shades lend a cozier vibe. If you want to make your space seem larger, sticking to one color scheme can be a good strategy.

    Furniture with Benefits

    Multi-functional furniture can be a lifesaver in a small rental. Consider things like a bed with built-in storage, a dining table that doubles as a workspace, or an ottoman that hides storage inside. These kinds of pieces allow you to maximize your space usage and maintain a clutter-free, relaxed environment.

    Multipurpose Furniture

    Choosing Adaptable Furnishings

    When you're living in a rental, it's smart to opt for furniture and decor that are versatile and can fit into various spaces and styles.

    Pick Smart

    Aim to choose pieces that can be used in any room or with any decor style. For example, a simple wooden coffee table, a neutral-colored sofa, or a sleek bookshelf can adapt to multiple spaces and styles.

    Comfort Matters

    Comfort should be a top priority when selecting furniture. Pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable can make your space feel very inviting. Imagine having a super comfy sofa in your living room - perfect for movie nights, right?

    Home a place to give yourself comfort

    Soft Furnishings for Coziness

    The addition of soft furnishings can add a great deal of coziness to your home. Cushions, ultra-soft blankets, and plush bedspreads are not only comfortable but they can also contribute to the overall aesthetics of your space. Be sure to pick colors and textures that align with your overall design scheme.

    Greenery is Good

    Including plants in your home decor can breathe life into any space. They're an affordable, effective, and versatile decor element, making them ideal for renters.

    Choosing Plants Wisely

    When choosing plants, take into consideration their care needs, the amount of light available in your rental, and how much space they'll occupy. If you're new to plant parenting or have a busy schedule, low-maintenance plants like succulents or snake plants can be a good choice.


    Wall-mounted Greenery

    If you're dealing with limited floor space, consider using your walls to house your greenery. Hanging planters or wall-mounted plant shelves not only save space but also create an attractive vertical garden.

    Herbs in the Kitchen

    Consider growing herbs on your kitchen windowsill. They'll not only provide fresh ingredients for your cooking but will also bring a splash of greenery into your kitchen.

    Decorative Accessories

    Decorative accessories allow you to infuse your personality into your space. From books to vases, candle holders to decorative bowls, these elements can add layers of interest to your decor.

    Stick to Your Theme

    When selecting accessories, be sure to choose items that complement your overall theme or color scheme. This creates a harmonious and well-coordinated look.

    House decor themes

    Creating Focal Points

    Accessories can be used to draw attention to specific areas or features within your room. A strategically placed cluster of vases or a stack of colorful books can create an eye-catching focal point.

    Embrace Change

    Lastly, don't be afraid to change things up! You can easily keep your decor fresh and exciting by moving accessories around or swapping them out for new ones. This is a cost-effective way to keep your space looking vibrant and lively.


    A rental doesn't just have to be a temporary dwelling - it can be a canvas for expressing your personal style and creating a space that feels like home. With a clear understanding of your lease, you can make decorating decisions that enhance your space without causing any damage or making permanent changes.

    Decorating a rental might seem challenging at first, but with the tips outlined in this guide, you can add personality and warmth to your space, no matter how long you intend to live there. Every tip can be tweaked to match your personal taste and comply with your rental agreement. With a dash of creativity and some thoughtful planning, you can make your rental feel like home sweet home!

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