What Frame is Right for Your Art? A Complete Guide to Frame Types

    by Jabbar Hussain August 14, 2023 5 min read

    Art is the silent language of the soul, a captivating spectacle that seizes emotions, expressions, and experiences, weaving them into a beautiful narrative. From bright color palettes to the nuanced monochrome, each artwork sings a unique symphony of visual appeal. However, a frequently overlooked component in this grand performance is the frame. A frame is not just a peripheral accent. It plays a critical role in emphasizing the artwork's aesthetic appeal, creating a dialogue between the art and its surrounding space.

    Frame types

    Just like the fascinating pieces of art they encapsulate, frames come with their unique identity and charisma. They have the power to shape an observer's viewpoint, either by blending subtly with the artwork or making a bold, attention-grabbing statement. They can magically turn an ordinary wall into a museum-like exhibit, presenting a visual narrative that resonates with the viewer. In the upcoming sections, we will navigate through the intriguing realm of frames, showcasing their diverse types and inherent charm, all of which contribute to the harmonious symphony of wall art

    Unveiling Frame Styles

    Framing is not just a protective measure for the artwork; it is an art form in itself, amplifying the allure of the piece it surrounds. Choosing a frame depends on the artwork's aesthetics and the environment it adorns. There's a rich plethora of framing options, each exuding its own unique personality and charm. Let's embark on an intriguing journey into the diverse world of frames, exploring various styles, and understanding their unique appeal.

    Canvas Prints: The Art Lovers' Delight

    Step into the captivating universe of Canvas Prints, a reigning favorite in the art world. Renowned for their distinctive 'gallery wrap', these pieces create an illusion of depth, offering a three-dimensional impact. The image seamlessly wraps around the edges, secured at the back of the wooden frame, ready to adorn your wall, creating a magnificent visual delight.

    Canvas Print

    Canvas prints exhibit a universal allure, merging effortlessly with a range of interiors and radiating a welcoming warmth. Their glare-free texture offers an unobstructed view from every angle, under any lighting conditions. Striking the ideal harmony between simplicity and elegance, Canvas Prints are a quintessential choice for art lovers.

    Floating Frame Canvas

    The Floating Frame Canvas option involves an additional frame housing the Canvas Print, giving the impression of the artwork suspended within the frame. This approach adds an extra dimension, enhancing visual interest. These handcrafted frames, crafted in the USA, inject an additional dash of elegance to the gallery-wrapped canvas.

    Framed Canvas

    Floating Frame Canvas emanates a unique charm, infusing life into any space it adorns. Whether it complements the decor or emerges as an intriguing focal point, its presence is compelling. If sophistication is what you're after, then Floating Frame Canvas is your ideal pick. 

    Timeless Framed Prints

    Framed Prints represent a timeless fusion of tradition and craftsmanship. They consist of high-quality prints sheltered within a selection of frames, augmenting the artwork while ensuring its protection. With an array of frame styles and finishes, endless customization options are at your disposal, allowing you to craft a piece that resonates with your unique style.

    Framed Print

    Framed Prints can seamlessly become the center of attention or subtly merge with the existing aesthetics. From sleek metallic frames exuding modern elegance to rustic wooden ones radiating vintage charm, the possibilities are endless. Select wisely, and a Framed Print can evolve into a captivating centerpiece.

    Narrating Stories with Shadow Box Frames

    Breathe life into your cherished memories with Shadow Box Frames. Known for their depth, these frames are perfect for presenting three-dimensional objects and keepsakes, with a glass front safeguarding the enclosed items. They are more than frames; they narrate a story, becoming a conversation starter.

    Shadow box Frames

    Shadow box frames provide a unique platform to exhibit beloved items. Whether it's a collection of seashells, a vintage brooch, or a baby's first pair of shoes, these frames transform your cherished objects into a dynamic visual narrative. With a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, there's a shadow box frame for every memory.

    Certificate Display Frames: Showcasing Achievements

    Add a touch of sophistication to your professional space with Certificate Display Frames. Designed to highlight achievements, these frames lend an elegant touch to your office or study. Whether it's your graduation diploma, professional certification, or a notable accolade, these frames ensure they are displayed with the prestige they warrant.

    Certificate display frames

    Tailor-made to fit your certificates perfectly, these frames enhance their visual appeal. Choose a classic wooden finish for a traditional feel or a sleek metallic finish for a modern vibe. The Certificate Display Frames are more than mere frames; they're a tribute to your achievements.

    Jersey Frames: Celebrating Sportsmanship

    For sports enthusiasts, Jersey Frames are an ideal pick. These frames protect your valued jerseys while keeping them safe from dust and fading. Whether it's a signed jersey from your favorite athlete or a keepsake from a memorable match, a Jersey Frame morphs it into a work of art.

    Jersey Frame

    Jersey Frames are more than just protective casings; they're a testament to your passion for sports. They cater to the specific requirements of jersey material, preserving the fabric's integrity while providing an aesthetically appealing showcase. If you're a sports memorabilia collector, Jersey Frames are your ideal choice.

    Gallery Frames: Your Personal Exhibit
    Gallery Frames empower you to curate your own ensemble of art pieces or photographs, creating a visually pleasing arrangement. They offer the flexibility to create a personalized display, transforming an ordinary wall into your private gallery.

    Gallery Frame

    The design of Gallery Frames harmonizes multiple art pieces or photographs, weaving a narrative or theme. They're perfect for those who love curating their collection and wish to share their unique taste with others. With Gallery Frames, you are the curator of your art story.

    Digital Photo Frames: Embracing the Future

    Welcome the future of frames with Digital Photo Frames. These modern wonders display digital images directly from your camera or smartphone, creating a dynamic, ever-changing visual spectacle. Versatile and customizable, these frames offer a fresh look every day.

    Digital Frame

    Digital Photo Frames are perfect for those who love to keep pace with the digital age. They enable you to cycle through multiple photos, adding dynamism to your display. If you appreciate technology and desire a contemporary touch in your home or office, Digital Photo Frames are your go-to choice.

    Creating Visual Harmony with Collage Frames

    One of the most unique and personalized methods of displaying your art is through collage frames. With the flexibility to incorporate multiple photos or artworks into one cohesive display, collage frames are an ideal choice for those who value diversity in their wall art. They allow you to merge various images, creating a harmonious composition that narrates a comprehensive story. From family photographs to a collection of your favorite artwork, the possibilities are limitless.

    Collage Frame

    Collage frames are available in various sizes and formats, offering an opportunity to experiment with the layout and presentation. You can select from diverse matting options to suit your aesthetic preferences and to complement the images being displayed. Collage frames can also serve as a dynamic visual centerpiece in any room, due to their ability to present multiple perspectives or moments simultaneously. In essence, collage frames are not just a framing choice, they're a design solution that caters to the eclectic and creative.

    Wrapping Up:

    In conclusion, frames are a crucial aspect of the art viewing experience. They elevate the artwork, shield it, and lend it personality. With a myriad of options to explore, the perfect frame is out there waiting to metamorphose your preferred artwork into a timeless spectacle. The journey of selecting the right frame is a gratifying experience in itself, as you navigate through various options and discover what resonates with you. Remember, in the world of art, the right frame can make a world of difference.

    We believe art wields the power to inspire, energize, and transform people and places. Our team of curators and craftspeople are passionate about providing art that meets your unique vision and style.

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