Mix It Up: Canvas, Sculptures, & More!

    by Jabbar Hussain March 11, 2024 5 min read

    Imagine your walls whispering, "We could be so much more..."  Those blank spaces are begging for personality, a burst of creative energy that reflects who you are!  It's time to ditch predictable posters and think beyond the canvas.  Get ready to transform your walls into a vibrant gallery that showcases your passions, your unique style, and a bit of unexpected magic.

    Think beyond traditional paintings!  By embracing sculptures, textiles, surprising found objects, and even a touch of playful lighting, you'll turn your home into a captivating space that sparks conversations and makes you smile every time you walk in. Let this guide be your sidekick on this creative adventure! You'll find tips for blending styles, unearthing hidden treasures, and unleashing your inner artist to make your walls sing.

    Mastering the Art of Contrast

    Style Showdown: Don't be afraid to experiment with contrasting styles! Imagine the visual intrigue of a classic landscape painting next to a bold, modern abstract sculpture, or a richly detailed botanical print set against a sleek metal artwork. Unexpected pairings make your display pop and keep things interesting.

    Material Mixology: Texture adds incredible depth and a tactile quality to your wall display. Let the cool, smooth feel of glass or metal soften the lines of a textured canvas. Incorporate a woven tapestry or macrame hanging for warmth and softness. Playing with contrasting textures gives your wall a multi-sensory appeal.

    Size and Scale: A large, statement-making canvas or a striking sculpture naturally draws the eye. Balance these focal points with smaller accents – curated clusters of framed photos, small sculptures, or even collections of interesting natural objects like crystals or seashells.

    Negative Space is Your Friend: Don't feel the need to cover every inch of the wall. Leaving intentional "empty" space creates a visual break and lets your chosen pieces breathe. This negative space becomes an essential element of your carefully curated display.

    Expanding Your Art Toolkit: Sculpture & Found Objects

    Shelf as Stage: A simple shelf becomes an instant mini-gallery! Combine a medium-sized canvas print with a collection of sculptures – play with different materials, heights, and shapes for variety. Toss in a unique found object – a piece of weathered driftwood, an antique tool, or a colorful stone – to add a touch of surprise and a sense of discovery.

    Unexpected Accents: Think beyond the art supply store! Look for inspiration in the everyday – a grouping of handcrafted wooden utensils displayed on the wall becomes a piece of functional sculpture. An old architectural fragment found at a flea market takes on new life as art. These "found objects" add a layer of personality and tell a unique story.

    The Floor is Your Canvas, Too: Larger sculptures demand breathing room. Don't restrict yourself to the wall! Place a sculpture strategically in a corner or next to furniture and consider complementing it with artwork above. Think of the entire space as part of your artistic vision.

    Personalizing Your Space: Finding Your Unique Voice

    Memory Lane: Turn sentimental treasures into art pieces! Frame a vintage scarf inherited from someone special for instant textile art. Display maps of places you've traveled, ticket stubs from memorable concerts, or heartfelt handwritten letters. These pieces spark conversation and make your space undeniably, authentically yours.

    DIY Delights: You don't have to break the bank to create impactful wall art! Get those creative juices flowing with a blank canvas, some paints, and let loose. Abstract shapes and colors, landscapes inspired by your surroundings, or even recreations of your favorite famous artworks – the possibilities are endless. Experiment with simple sculptures using wire, wood, or found natural materials.

    Collections as Art: Do you collect figurines, seashells, or interesting objects on your adventures? Group similar items by color, shape, or theme on shelves, within shadowbox frames, or even displayed as free-standing sculptural arrangements. Your curated collections showcase your passions and add a playful touch.

    Art on a Budget 

    Flea Market Finds: Flea markets and antique stores are treasure troves of unique and affordable art! Look for old prints, vintage frames, and quirky objects waiting for a new life. A fresh coat of paint or simple DIY additions can transform these finds into one-of-a-kind pieces.

    Nature as Your Art Supply Store: Get outdoors and let nature inspire you! Collect stones, sea glass, interesting branches, and dried leaves for free natural sculptures or to incorporate into mixed-media pieces.

    Upcycling Magic: Don't throw it away – transform it! Repurpose old picture frames with new paint or decorative paper, turn scrap wood into rustic shelves for displaying found objects, or even use discarded objects as the base for sculptures.

    Digital Downloads: Many websites offer printable art, often for free or at very low cost. Explore a variety of styles, choose your favorite pieces, and print them at home or a print shop. Experiment with interesting frames to complete the look.

    Themes and Inspiration

    Nature-Inspired Displays Bring the outdoors in! Combine nature prints, woven textiles with organic patterns, sculptures made from driftwood or stones, and dried botanicals for a calming, natural aesthetic. Incorporate live plants in hanging planters for a touch of living greenery.

    Global Traveler: Turn your walls into a reflection of your adventures! Display colorful world maps, framed textiles from different cultures, souvenirs, and collected objects. Create a sense of wanderlust and tell your own travel story through your display.

    Vintage Charm: Embrace the beauty of the past! Source antique prints, old photographs, and vintage postcards from flea markets or online shops. Repurpose old frames or use mismatched ones for a collected-over-time feel. Incorporate vintage mirrors and decorative objects for a touch of timeless elegance.

    Vintage charm

    Music Lovers: Let your love of music shine! Display sheet music, framed album covers, vintage concert posters, or even your own instruments mounted on the wall as sculptural pieces. Your display becomes a tribute to the soundtrack of your life.

    Your Walls, Your Storyteller

    Forget about boring, cookie-cutter décor! Wall art is about so much more than what you hang – it's about expressing your creativity, showcasing your passions, and crafting a space that feels uniquely you.

    By embracing a mix of mediums, unexpected textures, and personal touches, you'll discover that your walls can be powerful storytellers. So don't be afraid to experiment, follow your instincts, and let your personality shine through!  The most thrilling spaces are those that tell a story, and by mixing things up with your wall art, the story you'll tell is one only you could write.

    Additional Tips:

    Start Small: Don't feel overwhelmed! Begin with one wall or focus on a single corner.

    Embrace Change: Your style and tastes are allowed to evolve, and your wall art can change with you.

    Have Fun! The process of creating your displays should be joyful and inspiring.

    We believe art wields the power to inspire, energize, and transform people and places. Our team of curators and craftspeople are passionate about providing art that meets your unique vision and style.

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