Our Story

    From a supreme love of wall art to celebrating makers and scaling quality.

    CanvasPiece began as a simple adventure - providing top quality art at exceptional prices that make our customers feel seen and known.  Soon, we were sourcing the world over for vivid imagery and design that reflects your inner world, no matter the mood. With affordability and quality top-of-mind, we aim to enrich your environment with impressionable color and texture while championing our artists. Whether you’re looking for classy scenes to stir conversation, romantic shades to elevate a dull corner or dramatic landscapes that engage feelings of safety & calm, let us help you find your next statement-maker.

    Our Values

    Make it Impressionable

    We believe in art that speaks for itself. Bold & eye-catching, warm & inviting. Whatever your style, let our pieces serve the look and start the conversation.

    Make it Vibrant

    No dull designs here. We source art as vivid as your personality, so you can evoke the mood you’re aiming for in your spaces.

    Make it Nostalgic

    The best art takes us to another world in the blink of an eye. Zoom to your favorite places, feel the experience in a single glance. Art that elicits an instant vibe of connection and brings you back feels safe, trustworthy and calming.

    Make it Connective

    Get ready for compliments. Our canvases are known for catching eyes and starting conversations. Let your new piece be the connection bridge with family, guests, neighbors and loved ones.’

    We at CanvasPiece make designing your ideal space easy & effortless with personality-packed art that makes a statement. Our commitment to long-lasting ink, bold pigments, sustainable stretcher bars and 100% pine frames produced locally ensure that your next piece will endure for the long haul. With ready-to-mount hardware and vibrant designs, our pieces bring life to any room & any mood.

    Have a question? Curious about our process? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Our team of art-lovers are ready to answer all of your questions.


    Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

    Address: 487 Harrison Woods Ct, Anderson, Ohio, 45244, United States


    Phone: (567) 296-9770